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  • Why should I buy an Outdoor Fitness Pavilion (OFP)?
    It's a turnkey, outdoor training facility, modular and self contained with secure storage and fully loaded with equipment to get fit, strong and healthy. It can be assembled on just about any surface/substrate, and there are no construction costs required. Your only limitations are your imagination, and of course budget.
  • Why should I buy an Outdoor Recreation Box (ORB)?
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  • Why should I buy an Outdoor Fitness Box (OFB)?
  • What is an Outdoor Storage Box (OSB)?
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  • Are your products American Made?
    Absolutely! Designed and fabricated by red-blooded Americans, right here in the United States of America.
  • How much do your products and services cost?
    We compete with the best in the industry on pricing. It's difficult to put a price on a custom facility design in the early stages, but we have your best interests in the forefront. That's why we work with you on budget limitations and needs of your programs, club needs and overall vision for your organization or business.
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